Friday, October 1, 2010

The Circle of Life or A Walk to Rite Aid

The weather was so beautiful a couple of weeks ago that I decided to go for a walk after work. After reading All Lacquered Up's review of the new Maybelline polishes, I wanted to check them out for myself. So I set off in the direction of Rite Aid.

On the way, a hawk landed a couple of feet in front of me with something attached to his leg. As my earthy crunchy indignation began to flare up at the horrifying effects of litter and pollution, something peculiar happened. He began to pick the leg attachment. Then I noticed the long furry tail on the leg attachment. Then I realized that this was dinner, not pollution and I settled down, took out my camera and captured a few photos of the event.

Satisfied that the circle of life was still in tact and not at all being disrupted by pollution or nosy girls with cameras, I continued on my journey to Rite Aid. Conquering the nail polish aisle with sale prices! I emerged victorious and emboldened. So much so that I set up my bitty tripod on a ledge and took my outfit photos right there. So brave!

All of this conquering and posing took a lot out of me so I obviously had to stop at Jimmy John's for a sandwich worthy of the valiant. Then I skipped all the way home and basked in the glow of my evening for several hours.

Sunnies: Vintage (eBay)
T-Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Lux (Clothing Exchange)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Marshalls)


Natasha said...

hehe...this story was quite cute!...the picture of the food...not so much..haha
I love your striped cute!

Yelena said...

cute top :)