Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Symphony in Brown

So here's the thing. I really did take pictures on Friday. It was very awkward, I tried to do them quickly out on the patio while my roommate was supposed to be taking a nap, but her "nap" lasted all of five minutes, so I think she probably saw me going back and forth from my camera out on the patio and probably now thinks I'm a total crazy person. But whatevs. On top of that, the pictures really really sucked. And the outfit wasn't really that great either. I totally did the super causal Friday thing. So casual and comfy that I wore the exact same outfit again on Saturday. Yes, I do that. Until, of course, I changed for the Lady Gaga show. My roommate took some pictures of that, just because she wanted pictures of my Lady Gaga outfit. Once I get them from her, I will post them. Until then, you can just admire my fun nails that I did for the show.

Today, I attempted to take pictures on my own again, and with minimally better results. Please excuse the awkward, mildly angry, morose looking faces. I don't do well with self timer photos obviously. Also please excuse my barren apartment, we're still settling in.

Despite the story that my face is telling, I actually had a very nice day. I got new towels and a bath mat(!) at Target today. I've never owned real bath towels or a bath mat until this day. I previously used old beach towels to serve both functions. I feel like a new woman! I'm also currently lounging on my freshly washed bedding with a brand new pillow swapped in place for a ratty old one. And I have a day with my family to look forward to tomorrow. Life is good. Generally speaking.

Maybe tomorrow I'll even convince my brother to take some outfit pictures of me! But that would require me telling him and the rest of my family, by association, what I'm up to with this blogging business. I'm not totally sure that I'm ready for that. We'll see.....

T-shirt: Gap
Necklace: The Glamourai
Skirt: Patrick Robinson (Target)
Shoes: Restricted (Urban Outfitters)

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