Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wood Nymph

Sunday again, was too gorgeous of a day to stay inside. So I neglected my unpacking, cleaning, and sorting for one more day to go frolic in the woods of another park, eventually collapsing on a blanket in the grass, allowing the trees above to rain down their leaves on our languidly lounging bodies. The day had an air of magic (there was even a Quidditch game happening nearby in the grassy open) and a dreamlike quality. During the photo shoot, I felt a bit like a wood nymph, playing, wandering, and discovering anew the world around me.

I mentioned it in my last post, and I will say it again - I couldn't have dreamed up a better weekend.

Dress: Vintage (Value World)
Bracelet: Great Grandmother's
Ring: Macy's
Shoes: Restricted (Urban Outfitters)
Toes: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Fuchsia Power

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Yelena said...

The dress is gorgeous!