Sunday, October 3, 2010

Working Girl

I have been travelling a lot for work the past couple of weeks. Recently as I was driving to Toledo, I encountered one of the most ridiculous drivers I have ever seen. After honking at me for taking a whole two seconds to move my foot from the brake to the gas pedal when the light turned green (slow reaction time, obviously), she proceeded to whip past myself and the car in front of me (passing on the right, mind you) and then fly through not one, but two solidly red lights in a row. I watched this disaster as I continued to be a good law abiding citizen. At the third light she came to, she was forced to stop, having been caught behind other law abiding citizens who actually stopped at the red light. While she was stuck there, I pulled up directly behind her. I wanted to wave and smile and say "Remember me? You broke several laws in order to leave me behind." But, you know, I didn't. In the end I was directly behind her until she pulled into a turn lane and I pulled up next to her. She was chatting on her phone and had a pink rosary hanging from her rear view mirror. Presumably to more easily say her Hail Marys as she violated every traffic law known to man. So in the end, all of her rule breaking gained her only the length of my car. Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Breaking the rules gets you nowhere. Well maybe it gets you a ranting post on some random person's blog. But who really wants that?

My evenings have been eventful as well. And by eventful, I mean horrifyingly stressful. This past weekend I was hosting these fine folks for our 9th Anniversary tango festival.

This means that they took over my room for a week. And that means that I had to actually finish unpacking and organizing and clean the place so that it looked decently habitable, rather than thoroughly transitional. And THAT means that I mostly ended up shoving a ton of stuff in my closet or the study at the very last minute, completely freaking out about everything. I also did end up sorting through a ton of stuff prior to the mad dash and I'm quite proud of the amount of stuff I have decided to pass on to the Salvation Army. Someday my parents may no longer have to worry that I am eternally on the verge of having to go on Hoarders. I got my room back this week, so the closet has erupted back out onto my floor, but the sorting and simplifying continues.

Right now, I leave you with some more of my super skilled self photography.

Blazer: Isaac Mizrahi (Target)
Blouse: Vintage (Salvation Army)
Trousers: Erin Fetherston (Target)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Marshalls)

EDITOR'S NOTE: I just realized that it looks like I'm still standing outside of the Rite Aid. Don't worry, I made it home. This is actually my balcony. I figured if it's good for Susie Bubble, it's good for me too!

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Yelena said...

I love this outfit - especially that blouse - such a pretty blue and you can't go wrong with polka dots! :)