Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Cont.

In other Life news, my first niece, Luciana Elizabeth, was born on November 30 at 8:42 AM, weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and 20 3/4 inches long! She is the most precious, beautiful, tiny little peanut that I have ever rested my eyes upon. I am totally and completely smitten.

My brother called to inform me of the news around 9:00 AM, and I was stuck in another city with meetings for work, but as soon as my first meeting was over (and second was thankfully cancelled), I drove straight to my parents' house, hopped in their car, and we were off to the hospital where little Lucy was waiting to meet us.

Luckily for my sister-in-law, the labor and delivery was a fairly quick process. Luckily for Lucy, this meant she didn't have that strange squished newborn head. Luckily for me, she DID have that wonderful new baby smell. I don't know why they smell so good, but you know that they do. It was very difficult to share with the grandparents, and parents, but you know, we managed.

I, of course, came bearing gift of shoes. I knit these suckers up for her just a couple days prior to her birth, and while I do not normally condone the wearing of Uggs, and as her aunt and godmother will forbid her from wearing grown-up versions, everything miniature sized (and knit!) is so much cuter!

And we've all been able to see each other every couple of weeks at least since her birth. Thank goodness for only living an hour away!

Sneaking a kiss from the slumbering Princess while we were visiting for my brother's birthday about a month later. Obviously my brother was all but ignored. I think he understood.

All together now: AWWWWWWW!

Proudest Abuelito Ever.

Outfit details from my brother's birthday celebration.
Dress: Tucker (Target)
Sweater: Gap (Clothing Exchange)
Belt: Vintage (AA PTO Thrift Shop)
Tights: Target
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (Urban Outfitters)
Sweet Silver Headband: Stolen from the wrapping of one of my brother's gifts
Healthy Snack: Orange

And if you're wondering, I, of course, got Lucy her first pair of Leopard Print Heels for Christmas. What else could a good Aunt possibly get for her first, and most adorable, niece?

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Natasha said...

Congratulations auntie!
I love the mini uggs..I hate the adult version, but mini ones for babies are too cute!
I love your "headband" cute!