Wednesday, February 23, 2011

With Bated Breath

I'm sure that you've all been waiting with bated breath to see my haircut after my last post. And so I took a very timely blogcation. But I'm back! And without hair! I love it. I love it. Iloveit. If you don't love it, that's totally fine, but don't waste your breath telling me about it, because I love it.

On a completely separate note, I am currently so full of delicious Indian food that all of my blood is being pulled away from my brain and to my stomach for the digestion party. As a result, I am in no position to type something coherent. Instead, I will succumb to the food coma and leave you to the pictures.

Top: Proenza Schouler (Target)
Skirt: Converse One Star (Target)
Tights: Target
Boots: Nine West
Scarf: Target


Natasha said...

You look awesome with short hair!!
I love how cute, but cozy this outfit looks!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

From Suns To Moons said...

Oh so chic! You are rocking the best haircut and stripes (Jean Seberg comes to mind, for sure).

annogus said...

oooh! when I met you Friday, I didn't realize how new your hair was for you! :) How exciting! It looks great!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Anna! It was so great to meet you on Friday :)