Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Wrap Up, A Giveaway, and the Shoes that Weren't

DSCN4151-1 Although it has been weeks since I completed the 30 for 30 challenge, I am only just now getting around to wrapping things up in a nice little bow. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about the challenge and trying to gather up my feelings about it. They are mixed. I think it’s a super great idea. I love the creativity and appreciation of one’s own closet that it fosters. I think that my issues with the experience lay not with the actual challenge so much as with the outside circumstances that affected both my mood and my ability to participate in the way that I would like. Doing this challenge exactly during the point of winter where the season has begun to eat my soul was both a blessing and a mild form of torture. I very likely would not have dressed myself in Outfits with a capital O during that time if I hadn’t had only my challenge items to work with. As it was, I still managed to skimp on the Outfitness of many of my combinations. When waking up is a chore, getting dressed is like climbing a steep and rocky mountain. Winter is not my season. Winter also offers a very limited timeframe in which to enjoy the Sun. Being that I work for a living and am thus doing so during the vast majority of those precious few daylight hours, taking outfit photos became difficult – a race at the end of a very dreary day. I missed photographing many outfits because of this, and as I mentioned in my last post ended up wearing around 40 different outfits, never knowing which day I would be able to squeeze in a quick photo session. To add to all of this, I chose a pair of fun heels (pictured above – preview of the next outfit post!) because up until that point it had been a relatively dry winter and I thought I would be able to wear them at least a few times. Of course, that is when it started snowing en masse about every other day for the rest of the month. So that took my 30 items down to 29. Soon after I wore a beautiful blouse that added a touch of color to my mostly neutral choices, and a seam ripped open during the course of the day. This really bummed me out as that was its first outing and I really loved the blouse. Thankfully, when I emailed the company, they immediately looked into getting me a replacement and when they couldn’t, sent my money back. So now my wardrobe choices were down to 28. 28 items, 40 outfits, in the center of an unending Winter. What I learned about my choices? The green H&M dress is one of the most versatile pieces I own. The black Nine West boots were a worthy purchase (I wasn’t sure when I bought them). I’m so glad that I started wearing that amazing purple suede pencil skirt! As much as I love my neutrals, color is a good thing. DSCN4206 I feel like I deserve some sort of medal. But of course, I don’t. So instead I’m giving you all the opportunity to win a pair of very bright, shiny, medal-y bangles by C.C. Skye! I am also extending the deadline to next Sunday, April 10, 2011. This should give all five of you who read this time to think of a very amusing limerick. I would love to see these go to a good home. Place your poetic goodness in this post and I will pick a winner bright and early Monday, April 11! Tomorrow I will be back with an outfit full of color and the 30 for 30 item that never got a chance.


Bria said...

I come from a place in Texas where it never snows, and I'm living in Sweden at the moment. The first time it snowed, I was having giggle fits, and now when it snows, I just want to cry. I WANT SUN. I can definitely relate to your lack of enthusiasm for the season. Anyway, I plan to give the limerick business a shot this weekend, although my poetry skills are practically nonexistent. This should be amusing.

Congrats on finishing the challenge!

StyleID said...

OMG. I am stunned by the colors and the animal print. Honestly: YOU LOOK GREAT in this look.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Bria!

Thank you!

I totally understand the desire to cry. I have lived in Michigan my entire life and you'd think by now that I'd be used to it, but I'm not at all. It gets to me every year.

Where in Texas are you from? I have friends and family scattered throughout that fine state :)


Bria said...

I'm from a really small town in southeast Texas, right next the Louisiana border. Beaumont is the closest town with a population over 100,000, and the closest city that everyone has actually heard of is Houston, which is about two hours away. :) This August, I'll be moving to Austin and I could not be more excited!