Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing Catch-Up


I am so far behind on posting. Oy vey. This weekend I was out of town again - this time in Waterloo, Ontario for a tango workshop weekend. I was hoping to have an internet connection to continue posting my backlog of outfit photos, but there was no such connection. Nor was there much time had there been a connection. I will tell you what there was though. Dancing and laughing, in abundance. Friday, directly after work, five of us piled into a car, and began our four hour journey to Waterloo. Although it was close quarters, packed three deep in the back seat of a Honda Civic, we had an absolute blast, giggling over the finer points of stamps in passports, and dancegagements - none of which would seem even remotely funny if I attempted to type them out here, in that obnoxiously "you had to be there" sort of way - and fueling up on goldfish, doritos, gummy bears, and pretzels. The four hours passed quickly and happily and soon we were pulling up to the Button Factory and trundling up the stairs, carried by the melodies of DiSarli. And from that moment, the weekend whirled in a way that only days full of activity and joy can. There were workshops, and catching up with old friends, music, dancing, and making new friends, and miles and miles of laughter resounding in our wake. It was a joyful weekend and all too soon it was the Sunday evening milonga, and the end. Piling back into the car, the five of us had bonded so much during the weekend, that the giggling came even easier and with more frequency than on the ride up, and we learned that the fellow at Tim Horton's was even more scattered than we, which seems impossible, yet it is true. Pulling into Ann Arbor around midnight, we were blissed out on tango and friends, and I have to believe that sleep came easy for all of us that night.

Monday morning however, was tough. As was the rest of the day. One should never be required to work the day after a tango weekend. It's just too much to ask.

This coming weekend will be another tango filled weekend, but this time it will be here in Ann Arbor. I can't wait.



These pictures were taken last Monday behind the Chipotle, right after we ate there. It was frigid and incredibly windy. Bitterly cold and bloated on burrito is probably not the best way to take photos, but I am committed to this 30 for 30. You hear that? Committed. Or perhaps by the end of this, I should be.



Sweater: Mossimo (Target)
Boots: Nine West
Necklaces: Gifts
Bracelets: Vintage

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Jenni Wells said...

I have been begging my husband to take tango lessons with me! he seems intimidated.

your boots are amazing.