Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remembering Your Bright Eyes


During the formative years from about 18-22, the band Bright Eyes played an integral role in my musical upbringing. I would lay on my bed for hours listening to the albums on repeat, in succession, one song at a time. I was melancholy and Conor Oberst made it okay to be melancholy. More than okay. He made it right, perfect, and beautiful to be melancholy in that moment. Despite the inner turmoil I was going though, I felt supported and validated - two things that I needed desperately at that time in my life. As the years went by, I grew up, got better, developed healthier coping mechanisms, and drifted from Conor and Bright Eyes. The music always held a dear place in my heart, and I continued to buy and listen to every album that was released, but it didn't hold the same place. I didn't need it the way that I had before.

When another friend of mine, who had loved Bright Eyes right along with me, and I found out that Conor was releasing his final album under the moniker Bright Eyes and going on one final tour, we knew that we had to go. It was the end of an era and we needed to be a part of it. The show was this past Monday, and it was fantastic. It didn't hold the same thrill as the first show that we had gone together to see, but it was exactly right. It was perfect to hear the old songs along with the new, and hearing the growth, and seeing the man again, verified that he was doing the right thing. Bright Eyes was Conor's youth alongside my own, and it only makes sense that he would wrap up this period of his life and move on to the next. I am happy to preserve the memories that I have of that period and to see where Conor goes next with his career.


Blazer: Paul & Joe (Target)
Top: Proenza Schouler (Target)
Dress: Sparkle & Fade (Urban Outfitters)
Boots: Nine West


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