Monday, April 4, 2011

Falling Into Spring


This weekend had that perfect balance of scheduled activity and open space to fill slowly and contentedly. There were birthday dinners to attend, a milonga to DJ, rehearsals and a performance. And then there were long, lazy lunches of wings, wedges, baseball, and good conversation and opportunities to go stomping around in the woods. It was lovely.



It's an interesting time of year right now. Purportedly Spring, yet no real signs of Life yet. Instead of moss and leafy greenness, the woods have melted away the snow to show off all of the dead leaves from months ago, as crunchy and dried up as the day they fell to the ground. With my wool skirt, cashmere sweater, and knee socks, I felt right at home in this Autumn atmosphere. Baring my knees however did feel like a BIG step toward Spring and Warm. Thankfully we took these pictures when we did, because about an hour later the rains that would last the rest of the weekend began and my bare knees felt a little out of place again. But the idea of new Life following the rain is an exciting one.



Occasionally my friend will taunt me while taking my photos. I, of course, always handle this with class and dignity, because I am a Lady.


Sweater: Isaac Mizrahi (Target)
Denim Blazer: H&M - last seen Here
Skirt: Vintage
Boots: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx)


She is Sara said...

Haha I loved that last one! You did have the perfect weekend! I love me some baseball too :)

H Rija said...

love the outfit and lovely printed skirt!
Neat post

My Lyfe ; My Story

Laura said...

Haha ok I love that last photo! Good to show your silly side sometimes :) I really loooove this whole outfit! Very Autumn-esque, but perfect right now since spring seems to be nowhere in sight.

Cute blog and I am now following you :)

Subversive LulĂș said...

Oh I can't wait to see some spring outfits, but well the weather is kind of crazy everywhere.
Love your boots!.

Midwest Mayhem said...

I love the skirt and the boots! I agree, it does look a little more like fall out than spring lately.