Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Like Heaven


Last Sunday was Incredible. Perfect. I wanted it to last forever. In the morning as I was getting ready for church, the forcast was for Thunder Storms and the sky looked like it might deliver, so I dressed accordingly. By the time I'd finished lunch with my parents though, the sun was shining bright, the sky was blue, and dare I say it? It was almost Hot! I promptly altered my plans for the rest of the day so that I spend every precious moment outside enjoying this phenomenal weather. I also altered my outfit accordingly. No need for tights, rainy day shoes, or a long sleeved jacket when the temperatures are spiking to almost 80 degrees! (Does anyone know how to make the little degree symbol?) I proudly presented my DayGlo legs to the public and spent the entire day, into the late evening, walking around downtown lazily, oggling vintage goodies, and eating good food.

We also found a wall that loves me! Or thinks that I am love. Which could be possible.








Trench: H&M
Dress: Doo.Ri (Shopbop)
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Let Them Eat Cake (gift from Michigan Blogger Meet-Up)
Sunnies: Vintage


StyleID said...

Very cute dress ... yes, the weather looks great.
Love your dress.

She is Sara said...

Omg you look so cuuuuute!! You look like you are somewhere in California and not in Michigan at all! Haha, love everything about this look, and the pictures are great :)

Subversive LulĂș said...

This photos are amazing liz!.
The wall is very funky and different, I love graffiti, and the contrast of the wall with your outfit is great!.