Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Library on Wheels



I was a voracious reader when I was growing up. One of my favorite activities was going to the public library, wandering through the stacks, and eventually coming home with a pile of books up to my head. I had to check out so many because I was always worried about running out of reading material before the next trip to the library. In the summers, however, this concern was pacified by the emergence of the Bookmobile.

The Bookmobile is exactly what it sounds like, a mobile (bus) full of books. Growing up in a town that prizes education above all, we had an incredibly thriving public library system that included this gem of a bus in the summers, delivering reading right to your neighborhood! It came once a week and for me it was like the ice cream truck, only better because I was actually allowed to get something from this one!

When you stepped on the bus, a kindly bus driver slash librarian would greet you with a warm smile and hello before you moved on to the stacks of books on shelves lining the entire bus. It always felt like such a magical place to me, so cozy, and warm, and full of wonderful things to read. I never missed it if I could help it. Along with the Bookmobile came a Summer Reading Program where you earned stickers and other prizes for reading a certain number of books. It was fun for all ages. The youngest earned prizes for books being read to them, and there was an adult program so that they wouldn't feel left out either. I had friends who were more interested in the prizes and so would race through reading a bunch of Dr. Seuss-esque books to claim their goodies. I was never one to be bribed though. The goodies were nice, but I was less interested in those than I was in the pride of having read 10 or 12 or however many amazing books during the course of the summer.

I currently live in an area that I would call more commerce than residential, so I don't expect to see much of the Bookmobile this summer. But I do live within walking distance of one of the library branches. Maybe I'll go check out the summer reading program for adults. I'll let you know how it goes.



Sweater: Mossimo (Target)
Skirt: Vintage
Belt: ASOS
Shoes: Dolce Vita


StyleID said...

Great, Great look. your skirt is awesome but your shoes are stunning.
I love them, can't take my eyes of them.
I am seriously obsessed with clothes :)

Laura said...

Loooove this longer length skirt! So feminine and flattering.

Anonymous said...

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